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Preserving the Gas Industry’s Heritage

Hanne Thomsen, manager of The Danish Gas Museum.
By Hanne Thomsen,
manager of The Danish Gas Museum, Hobro 

The gas industry has an exciting future, but as well as looking forward to new challenges it is important to preserve our heritage.

This is why we have launched a project to help preserve the history of gas for the future by developing a special website. The aim is to integrate gas museums and collections worldwide into a virtual network and provide information to the general public.  

At this time of liberalisation and restructuring in the industry it is essential to preserve the history of gas, including collections and archives, for the future.  

Website and exhibitions
So far we have had very positive responses from many parts of the world. One of our first steps has been to create this joint website with links to project partners within the IGU framework.

Thanks to a great gesture from the organizers of the World Gas Conference in Amsterdam in June 2006 and in Buenos Aires in October 2009 the network has been able to present two exhibitions including more than 30 posters about the history.

This event was a great experience with many new contacts and informations, that hopefully will boost to the future work for preserving the history of gas.

Further details about the exhibition in Amsterdam are listed here.

Details about the exhibition in Buenos Aires can be found here.

Content from the 13 posters in Amsterdam is collected in a PDF-file, which can be downloaded here. (2.3 MB).

Content of the 22 posters in Buenos Aires is collected in a PDF-fil (A4-size), which can bedownloaded here (3.4 MB).

Some of the content is presented in Spanish or French language.

More information wanted
Gas museums and collections can be found in several places around the world. One of them is the Danish Gas Museum described on a separate page, and we would like to encourage others to tell about their museums and about possible plans and initiatives.

Please email plans and ideas to

Our intention is to publish an eletronic newsletter by e-mail once or twice a year about the latest updates. If interested, please notify our webemaster Jens Utoft at

About History

"History is never past. History is what connects past and present, history shows its way to the future. If we don't know history, we don't know ourselves. Without history, we are lost."

Jacques Le Goff, French historican

Gasmeter, presented at the exhibition in Buenos Aires 2009 by MetroGas, BA.
Photo: Povl Dons Christensen

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